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Philippe Clabots

I’ve always been attracted by photography but my passion started in 2007-2008.

Self-taught, I was formed thanks to readings, Facebook groups, perseverance, the will to improve myself and thousands of photos. Initially centred on opportunistic photography, depending on my daily life or my travels, I am moving more and more towards coherent sequences of images with the aim of telling a story, transmitting an emotion or bearing witness to a moment in life. I'm also a founding member of the collective "Bruxelles Pixels".

Miguel Angel Vilar

Living in different countries over the years has shaped who I am and gives me a different perspective when looking at my surroundings.

My photography is always evolving and not limited by a particular genre. I'm attracted to geometry, textures, minimalism, decay, high contrast.

I am also a producer of electronic and experimental music, soundscapes as Symmetry Reflection. Both disciplines are an inspiration into each other, reflecting chaos and order, symmetry and asymmetry, minimalism, tonalities.

Ewa Iwicka

The Viewfinders club must sadly announce that Ewa passed away in autumn 2020. We leave her gallery here as a commemoration of her invaluable contribution to our club, for which we are eternally grateful.

I come originally from Poland but live about 20 years in Belgium, near Antwerp and work in Brussels. I’m a serious amateur photographer, trying to combine my passion with my day job. My photographic interests include everything around that I find noteworthy, I’m looking for it in the nearest surroundings and during my travels.

I believe in what Henry David Thoreau said: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Richard Sylvester

Living in Belgium since 1974, the purchase of a Fuji mirrorless camera in 2013 ignited my current passion for photography. I enjoy most types of photography, but my main interest is macro and closeup photography, especially of minerals and gemstones.

With macro photography, you can bring out amazing details that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. It is very challenging, especially due to the very small depth of field, but the rewards can be worth it.

Never stop learning and never stop seeking the light.

Paula Cagli

Have you ever spied Michelangelo’s cupola through the columns on the square and imagined that you were the only one at St. Peter’s or felt the mystery of the basilica as you groped your way through the evening shadows at vespers? That’s my kind of photography: intense, intriguing and saturated with emotion.

For more about me and my art historical photography, please visit me on YouTube and Facebook while I renew my personal website.

Sebastian Boatca

Adventurous photographer and mentality challenging blogger, based in Brussels- travel, landscape, street and portrait with Fujifilm cameras and legacy manual focus lenses.

Forever looking for the sense and sources of inspiration in photography.

Hélène Cook

Interesting scenes and beauty can be found everywhere, starting in Brussels. Finding the right frame and balance for a photograph gives a sense of meaning to the world and brings peace to the mind.

I like perspectives, symmetry, contrasts and reflections, street scenes, capturing portraits in concerts, and bringing life to beautiful landscapes and to impressive buildings.

Alun Foster

A long-time resident of Brussels, I have been involved in photography since childhood, working as a freelance photographer for a while, too. I now maintain photographic activities in parallel with a quite technical day-job.

As president of “Viewfinders”, I promote social integration and understanding through a shared love of photography.

Haryo Nindito

I am an art portrait photographer who takes pictures for my own projects and for my clients. I am influenced by the art in paintings where the artists applied the chiaroscuro (light and shadow) technique.

In my photos, the model is like a princess wearing beautiful dresses at beautiful locations.