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Interesting scenes and beauty can be found everywhere, starting in Brussels. Finding the right frame and balance for a photograph gives a sense of meaning to the world and brings peace to the mind.

I like perspectives, symmetry, contrasts and reflections, street scenes, capturing portraits in concerts, and bringing life to beautiful landscapes and to impressive buildings.

Adventurous photographer and mentality challenging blogger, based in Brussels- travel, landscape, street and portrait with Fujifilm cameras and legacy manual focus lenses. Forever looking for the sense and sources of inspiration in photography.

A long-time resident of Brussels, I have been involved in photography since childhood, working as a freelance photographer for a while, too. I now maintain photographic activities in parallel with a quite technical day-job. As president of “Viewfinders”, I promote social integration and understanding through a shared love of photography.

I am an art portrait photographer who takes pictures for my own projects and for my clients. I am influenced by the art in paintings where the artists applied the chiaroscuro (light and shadow) technique. In my photos, the model is like a princess wearing beautiful dresses at beautiful locations.