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We are an enthusiastic group of photographers with a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and photographic abilities and interests. Viewfinders membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography.

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Next meeting will be Wednesday, 8 December 2021 at 20:00

Come join us at our next Viewfinders club meeting on the evening of Wednesday, 8 December, starting at 20:00.

In the agenda, there will be a presentation on Black & White photography by Miguel Angel, as there is a project with this theme coming in the next months.

The main event for the meeting is one of our two semi-annual Challenges. The topic is “Fragile”. The inspiration for this Challenge along with the Challenge rules can be found here.

The meeting will be held at the church and will also be streamed live via Zoom. The login information will be sent to all members by e-mail several days prior to the club meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you and your photos at the club meeting.

Richard Sylvester

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November Meeting

Richard presented a short tutorial on Color Infrared Photography. He discussed why it is of interest and the ideal conditions and different methods for shooting infrared.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Bill Funk, an American amateur photographer living in Brussels. His belief is that every organism and object on the planet has a soul, and that photography is all about getting beneath the surface, finding its soul, and making it visible.

Bill presented an amazing and fun selection of his images, mostly photomontages (composites), involving a wide range of subjects which included architecture, landscapes, portraits, skeletons, and cats. They illustrated important aspects of composition including the use of diagonals and triangles.

On his website you can see a collection of roughly 30 years of his work on film and digital media, some of which he will be presenting at the meeting.

October Meeting

Alun presented a short tutorial on Color Calibration at the “front end”. After briefly discussing in-camera adjustment of the white balance, he showed how to make a custom camera profile using a color checker passport and your photo processor to create a custom ICC profile.

The main event of the evening was the presentation of images by 6 members: Bob Taylor (Pairi Daiza), Endre Sebok (Double Exposure), Marci Bayona (Painting with your camera), Marko Saynekoski (Ruisrock Music Festival), Miguel Angel Vilar (Architecture), and finally Alun Foster (Landscapes).

Photowalk at the « Xe Biennale de photographie en Condroz : New Waves »

On Sunday 29 August, members had the opportunity to visit a photo exhibition while going on photo walk in the Condroz, above Huy. Some 15 photographers and 5 collective groups were exposing along the trail (the Ravel) and in former factories or workshops.

Thanks to Anne-Christine for organizing this visit: "The “Xe Biennale de photographie en Condroz » took us three (Marci, Kathy and Anne-Christine) through a succession of varied landscapes and testimonies of the economic industrial activity in the beautiful Hoyoux valley, while offering us the perspective of artists on these spaces.

Had we had bikes, we could have visited the whole exhibition but by foot, we did only half (7 km), starting from the former sheet metal workshop in Marchin to Modave. The visit of a former stone sawmill on the way was also very interesting."

Image by Anne-Christine Browsers

Photowalk in the Geographical Arboretum of Tervuren

In July, Hector was kind to organize one more photowalk in the Arboretum.

A participant told us during the guided visit: “After leaving for many years close to the Tervuren´s Arboretum, I´m discovering now many aspects completely unknown to me.” We enjoyed the explanations of a ranger with 15 years of exclusive work there, visited some areas dedicated to North America, recognized the environmental impact of last year´s drought, and much, much more. Most of us had lunch and stayed for several hours together.

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