Next meeting will be Wednesday, 6 December 2023 at 20:00

Come and join us at our next Viewfinders club meeting. It will be held at the Swedish church, 35 avenue des Gaulois, 1040 Brussels. The meeting will also be streamed online.

As we will be having our Christmas party during the meeting, please bring some finger food and munchies. There will be no door fee for the meeting.

In the agenda, a short introduction to our February photo project on “Long Exposure” by Erick.

The main event of the meeting is one of our two semi-annual Challenges. The topic is “Humour”.  The inspiration for this Challenge along with the Challenge rules can be found here. Photo upload details have been provided to all club members in an email from the club secretary on 3 November.

Note that the Challenge is open only to paid-up full club members, although others are welcome to attend and see the Challenge photos.

Looking forward to seeing you and your humorous photos at December’s club meeting.

Richard Sylvester

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Recent News

Club dinner announced for December 9.  Sign-up and details sent by email.

Photowalk to Charleroi announced for November 19. Details sent by email.

New challenge "HUMOUR" has been announced for December. Details here.

Preparations for a club exhibition with the theme "Minimal" are underway, coming in January 2024.

New photo albums from recent Projects and Challenges have been added on the website.

Dates and agenda for season 2023-24 have been published in the Calendar.

November 2023

Karina lead a discussion downstairs on the topic: My Best Kit /My Worst kit. Some 10 members presented the camera or accessories that they  found to be the most useful  and/or those that they didn’t like or have never even used.

The most useful included an old Sony digital camera that stored photos on diskettes, a flash, a flash reflector, several different small monopods, a zoom lens, a lens cap clip, a rubber lens cap protector, and a camera hand strap. The worst included screw on lens filters, a macro focusing rail, a camera back pack, and a remote flash trigger. Finally, one member couldn’t decide if he liked his camera or not.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Sean Hayes, who lives in Brussels and works as a photographer and advertising art director. He has over 35 years’ experience working in advertising for multinational ad agencies and their clients in 5 European countries. He has won numerous industry awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness for many clients across multiple categories of products and services. Sean has established his position as a working creative, including photography, where he has been greatly inspired by the historic painters. Sean presented photos from his portfolio, which included portraits, still life, mobile photography, music and event photography.

In addition, Sean discussed with us the hot topic of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in photography.  The open discussion elicited many interesting, relevant and thoughtful responses from the members present, ranging from the basic technical understanding of the processes to the higher aesthetic and cultural appreciation of visual art. 

Richard Sylvester

October 2023

Erick gave a tutorial on panning. Panning is a technique where you move the camera as you press the shutter button. As you follow the subject’s movement with the camera, the surroundings blur, but the subject remains sharp. 

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Gerry Coe, who talked about iPhone art. Gerry joined us online from the UK.

Gerry has been a professional photographer in Northern Ireland for some 60 years, leaving school just before his 16th birthday. Originally working for a number of other photographers, especially in the commercial/industrial field, he eventually started his own photography and picture framing business. 

He has covered almost all aspects of photography, including portraits, weddings, commercial, industrial, aerial, architecture, press and PR. Over the years he has been awarded Fellowships from the major photographic organizations. He has used many different cameras from Large format 10x8 to 35mm, Digital and now the iPhone, and received the first ever Fellowship for a panel of images taken on his iPhone. Although he no longer works professionally, he now uses his iPhone to explore new ideas and to show people what can be done with a mobile device. You can enjoy his work in Instagram and Facebook.

© Erick Espinoza

COLLECTIVE: Latest exhibition organized by the club. 

 Visit the exhibition's page for more information and

Take a 3D virtual tour  !

“Collective” offers participants and visitors an opportunity to explore the full range of the photographic art and what it can mean in our society today. Each of the 38 artists – members of Viewfinders - chooses their own theme and style, yielding an extensive view of the photographic medium, from expressing an artistic intent to documenting the world around us. This showcase of the creativity and skill of the members highlights the beauty and power of photographs.


13 photographers bring you their personal view on something we all have too little of…

A photograph can capture a fleeting 1/100th of a second, recording our observable world for art or for posterity, nailing down an instant: all motion frozen, emotions seized to assure future joy. Or with skill, we can bend time to creative advantage, bringing new perspectives and motion to life within the confines of our image.

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