Challenges provide an excellent opportunity to put skills and creativity to the test and compete among fellow members. They are based on a specific topic, for example the number “5”, the color “Blue”, reflections, emotions, etc.

Prizes are awarded for the Best Overall Image, Best Projected Image (not the best overall), and Best Print (not the best overall). Club members present at the meeting also vote for the People’s Choice.

Outside judges invited for the occasion usually provide their own personal analysis for each submission and explain their process of selection, proving to be an enjoyable learning experience for both participants and all attendees.

For a more detailed description of Challenges and Assignments click here.

Select a challenge below to view its entries and winners.

Surprise - April 2020

Minimalism - December 2019

As/Symmetry - April 2019

Emotions - December 2018

Sports - April 2018

"5" - December 2017

Earth, Wind and Fire - April 2017

Not Another Selfie - December 2016

Shadows Silhouettes and Reflections

Shadows, Silhouettes & Reflections - April 2016


Dreams - December 2015


Details - April 2015

Music - December 2014

No Man's Land - April 2014

3 - December 2013

Monochrome - April 2013

Night Photography - December 2012

Blue - April 2012

Anyscapes - December 2011

Transport - April 2011

Hands - December 2010