New dates for the 2024-2025 season. 

We are working on finalizing the agenda for the next season starting in September, but  we can announce the planned dates for every club meeting, and some details we have already confirmed. A full agenda will be published as we complete more details. 

18 September, 2024 (Guest speaker: David Vannucci)

16 October, 2024 (Guest speaker: Carine Van Gerven)

13 November, 2024

4 December, 2024 (Challenge, TBA)

15 January, 2025 (Guest speaker: Luk Vander Plaetse)

12 February, 2025

12 March, 2025

16 April, 2025 (Challenge, TBA)

14 May, 2025

11 June, 2025 (AGM, Members photos)

See here the dates and agenda for the club meetings of the current season.

Scroll further down to see a calendar that includes other activities  being planned like protowalks or trips. Many are for members only. 

Consult our calendar for all upcoming club meetings and any other events.

If you are not a member and would like to join the club or have information about a particular activity contact us.