About Us

We are Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels, an enthusiastic group of photographers with a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and photographic experience and interests. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the photographic image. We use English as a common language.

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Committee organization

The committee for season 2023-2024 is composed as follows: 

Statutory Positions

President: Alun Foster

Vice-President: Miguel Angel Vilar

Secretary: Richard Sylvester

Treasurer: Caroline Hendry

Established Positions

Membership: Dagmara Jakubowska

Newsletter: Adrian Cornwell, Erick Espinoza, Dagmara Jakubowska

IT Support & Website: Miguel Angel Vilar

Publicity: Karina Robin, Sabine Posdziech, Miguel Angel Vilar

Programme: Alun Foster, (Joaquim Capitao)

Trips, photowalks, events: Kathy Moran, (Anne-Christine Brouwers, Erick Espinoza)

Exhibitions: Alun Foster, Karina Robin, (Martin Schmid)

Meeting Support: Miguel Angel Vilar, Nicolas Jouveneaux, Richard Sylvester, Alun Foster, Martin Schmid

Club Statutes  and Liability statement

“Viewfinders – The Photography Club Of Brussels” is an “informal association” (“feitelijke vereniging” or “association de fait”), meaning that it has no “legal personality”. Members and other guests who participate in any of the activities organized by the club, do so on their own responsibility and at their own risk. The statutes of the Viewfinders club are available here: 

Viewfinders Club Rules - 2017.docx - Google Docs.pdf