Projects & Assignments

The main objective of our yearly Projects  or Assignments is to stretch our boundaries and get people to work outside of their comfort zone, doing something new and different from what they might normally do.

Members are offered a specific theme to take photos and share them in one of our meetings. Themes can be of a functional nature, like taking photos to advertise Brussels transport, to populate a tourist brochure, to accompany an article in a newspaper, or to document an event. They can also focus on a specific type of photography or technique, for example black and white, or back lighting. 

It is not a competition. Members however have the opportunity to present their photos in a meeting and receive feedback, which resolves into a lively open discussion between the assistants. 

For a more detailed description of Challenges and Assignments click here.

Select an assignment below to view its entries.

Street Photography - June 2024

Post-processing - May 2024

Long Exposure - February 2024 

Portraits in the Park - June 2023 

Post-processing - March 2023

Triptych - February 2023

Water - May 2022

Post-processing - March 2022

Black & White - February 2022

Photowalk Bright Brussels - November 2021

Xe Biennale de Photo, Condroz - August 2021

Photowalk Tervuren's Arboretum - July 2021

Photowalk Namur - June 2021

Negative Space - May 2021

Post-Processing - March 2021

Food - February 2021

Storytelling - June 2021

Post-Processing - April 2020

ICM - February 2020

Brussels Parks - February 2019

Backlight - February 2018

Photo-walk: Brussels Center - November 2017

Black & White - February 2017

Art Nouveau Photo Walk - January 2017

Park Benches - January 2012

Decay - March 2013