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“Minimal photography”, like painting and music from the shared artistic movement of the 1950s and 60s, seeks to show essential subjects, principles or processes by removing unnecessary distraction from the message to let that one primary motif shine through.

Even while the photographic frame is a very limited fragment of the world, we can limit it even further by deliberately choosing to show less. When it is less, when it is nothing more than that one subject or notion, then the message of the photograph can be crystal clear. No distractions, no confusions, no other elements that might distort the message – just one notion, presented there as a constant feature for us to contemplate and enjoy.

Sixteen photographers from Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels, collectively present their vision on minimal photography.

The biggest exhibition organized by the club. 

“Collective” offers participants and visitors an opportunity to explore the full range of the photographic art and what it can mean in our society today. Each of the 38 artists – members of Viewfinders - chooses their own theme and style, yielding an extensive view of the photographic medium, from expressing an artistic intent to documenting the world around us. This showcase of the creativity and skill of the members highlights the beauty and power of photographs.

Views On Time

13 photographers bring you their personal view on something we all have too little of…

Time, a precious commodity in every life. It is the same for us all, yet we all experience it differently. The inexorable march of time means many different things to each of us. A photograph can capture a fleeting 1/100th of a second, recording our observable world for art or  for posterity, nailing down an instant: all motion frozen, emotions seized to assure future joy. Or with skill, we can bend time to creative advantage, bringing new perspectives and motion to life within the confines of our image.

Join us, as we lead you through our Views on Time….


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