Viewfinders' Privacy & Cookie Policy

PRIVACY and COOKIE Policies.

When you join the club or ask to be put on our mailing list via the form on the "Contact Us" page, we retain only the strictest minimum of data about you - your name and an e-mail address - to be able to manage your membership or to contact you with sporadic emails about our club and its activities. Your contact details are only retained if you ask to be added to our mailing list - not if you make a general enquiry. They will never be communicated to third parties. We will keep your data on record for a maximum of 26 months (for members, after the expiry of last paid membership). If you wish to be deleted from our mailing list and no longer receive such emails, please tell us by using the "UNSUBSCRIBE" option in the "Contact Us"form.

When making payments to the club's bank account, the details of your bank account are not stored by Viewfinders: all of these data are processed exclusively by the bank (ING).

This website and our e-mailing system are hosted by paid Google services, who provide assurance about the security and privacy of your data though a "Data Processing Agreement".

Our website uses Cookies only for the necessary technical functioning of the site, and for building anonymous statistics about the traffic to this site. No cookies are used that can track your individual activity on the site - e.g. for marketing purposes . However, we are not responsible for the behaviour of sites that link to this one, or are eventually linked to from here.