Members can have their own profile showcased here by contacting the Committee. Please use the "Contact Us" form for this.

If you just want a link to your personal website, let us know the address and we'll put a link in the "Members Galleries" page.

Additionally, if you would like to have a small profile about yourself, please provide us with some info:

1. Name (real name or as an artist).

2. Portrait photo in landscape format. There are no specific requirements, you have complete freedom on how you want to present yourself.

3. A brief introduction about you and your interest in photography. Limit text to around 100 words.

4. Link to your personal website and/or any social platform you want to use.

With this information we will add a box on the Members Galleries, and we will let you know so you can review and verify it when we publish it.

In our club we welcome hobbyists, amateurs, professionals and anybody with a passion for photography. We want them to be proud of their work. Share yours with us !!