January 10-29, 2023

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13 photographers bring you their personal view on something we all have too little of…

Time, a precious commodity in every life. It is the same for us all, yet we all experience it differently. The inexorable march of time means many different things to each of us.

A photograph can capture a fleeting 1/100th of a second, recording our observable world for art or for posterity, nailing down an instant: all motion frozen, emotions seized to assure future joy. Or with skill, we can bend time to creative advantage, bringing new perspectives and motion to life within the confines of our image.

Paula Cagli

As an art historian, photography is an essential tool, and there’s no photography like my own! While exploring Venice and Florence last summer, I stumbled on these explosive Modern exhibitions in classic Renaissance palaces. There I was reflected in the art: me, myself, and my intimate thoughts on the meaning of time. 

"Me, Myself and Time, Florence”

"Me, Myself and Time, Venice”

Hélène Cook

Photography is my passion, especially urban photography (architecture, street photography, cityscapes…) and the Brussels metro is a constant source of inspiration for me. Through my photos, I wish to convey positive emotions, for example through dynamic perspectives, colourful contrasts, or symmetry.

You would like to know more or order a print? Please visit my website and leave me a message. I will gladly reply.

"Ghosts of the Past”

"So Little Time Left”

Hector Epelbaum

I have been living in Belgium for 12 years and I am almost as long a member of Viewfinders.

Photography is one of my tools of self-expression. The camera allows me to write with images. I develop photos until they tell me a positive message, open a different viewpoint or simply bring me aesthetic pleasure.

During the pandemic I achieved an Associate Distinction (ARPS) from the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

"Death and Life”

"Under the sea 60 Mio years ago.  (Cévennes, France)"

Alun Foster

A long-time resident of Brussels, I have been involved in photography since childhood, working as a freelance photographer for a while, too. Retired, I still do freelance work (see and as president of “Viewfinders”, I promote social integration and understanding through a shared love of photography.

Representing the timelessness of the sea and recalling the relentless ebb and flow of tides, these images – two of a series - use a technique of “Intentional Camera Movement” to render the Belgian coastline at De Haan, Oostende in the minimal style of Belgian artist Maurits Van Saene (1919 – 2000).

"Time and Tide (wait for no man…) I”

"Time and Tide (wait for no man…) II”

Ewa Iwicka

In 2020, during the preparation of this exhibition, Ewa sadly passed away. As a long-standing member of our club and a highly respected photographer, she is greatly missed. With thanks to her husband, Bob, for permission to show her photos.

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"Objects are entities submerged in different reality, in which there is neither time, nor motion" "(Olga Tokarczuk, Primeval and Other Times)"

"Those changing, moving waters into which you can never step twice" "(Olga Tokarczuk, Flights)"

Dagmara Jakubowska

Originally from Poland, a Brussels resident since 2004.

I specialize in landscape and nature photography; I also enjoy photographing wildlife. I have become captivated by the Arctic and the northern lands, and I often travel to these parts of the world to photograph the landscapes. While I photograph mostly in colour, I enjoy the timeless quality that black and white lends to an image. Sometimes I step away from straightforward landscape photography and enjoy capturing scenes and details that happen to catch my eye.

"Ghost Town”

"Once There were Roses”

Marci Lorena Bayona

Marci Lorena Bayona, artist-photographer, has lived in Belgium since 2008. Her passion for photography was born when she was still studying Tourism and Administration at her University, in Colombia (2002). She started to do freelance work in 2016, portraits and nature have been the predominant themes. She has participated in several exhibitions and has had three solo exhibitions in Belgium. Early this year she started to work as a volunteer photographer with the association “Au-delà Des Nuages”.

"Flow Motion I"

"Flow Motion II"

Kaim Merali

I came late into photography, around 2010, and I got my degree in Documentary Photography at the Agnes Varda school of photography and video in Brussels in 2014.

I was a photographer at the Berlin Salsa Congress for 4 years, and I received awards from "The Societies of Photographers" (UK) and from "Canon" for various competitions. My work was published on “photocrowd” [online international contests] and on multiple occasions in Viewfinders contests and newsletters.

I was nominated by the panel of judges for “The Societies Photographer of The Year 2021,” and I received the “Art3f” Award Certificate as Brigitte Stolk’s Juror’s Choice in the 2022 Art Vue Prize Competition. I was also invited to exhibit two of my photos that were nominated at the International Exhibition d’Art Contemporain in Heysel in November 2022.

"It's just a matter of time…"

"Will Grandpa always be my best friend?"

Martin Schmid

Passionate about photography for decades, I am still keen to learn and explore new ways, views, techniques or perspectives in photography as a medium for creating art.

I studied “Fotokunst” at RHOK Academy in Brussel, am a member of the Viewfinders photography club and I am regularly participating in exhibitions.

With my pictures I want to show something to the viewer that he wouldn’t see otherwise.

"Life in the Slow Lane"

Untitled (picture coming soon)

Richard Sylvester, LRPS

Coming to Belgium from the USA in 1974, I joined the Viewfinders photo club in 2009 where I have been the secretary since 2010. I have also been active in the activities of the Royal Photographic Society.

My main passion is macro and closeup photography, especially of my wife’s minerals and gemstones. You can see more of my work and contact me at my website.

"A Tunnel Through the Fabric of Time"

"Early Morning Commute to Kraainem: Tempus Fugit”

Isabel Valero Guerrero

Since childhood, I was attracted to anything creative, from pottery to painting, playing instruments, you name it. But when I got my first camera, that’s when I knew it. I had found my true love and it would last a lifetime. I focus on travel and lifestyle photography, I like to shoot not staged, unscripted moments.

Instagram @Isamvg89_photography

"1 second"

"300 Years"

Miguel Angel Vilar

Living in different countries over the years has shaped who I am and gives me a different perspective when looking at my surroundings.

My photography is always evolving and not limited by a particular genre. I'm attracted to geometry, textures, minimalism, decay, high contrast.

I am also a producer of electronic and experimental music, soundscapes as Symmetry Reflection ( Both disciplines are an inspiration into each other, reflecting chaos and order, symmetry and asymmetry, minimalism, tonalities.

"I Waited for You”

“Instance of a Dream”

Janet Wishnetsky

Some call me a “travel photographer.” I think I’d classify myself as a “people photographer,” with a strong interest in documenting ethnic diversity, development projects, conflict/civil strife, and human interaction. I’ve travelled extensively in Southeast Asia, many republics of the former Soviet Union (the Caucasus and Central Asia), and the Middle East including Iran, which I found to be a fascinating country with very warm, friendly people.

The photo here shows a clock shop located in the Kurdish area of Iran, in a city called Sanandaj. The owner was quite amenable to me snapping a few photos of him! I hope to return to Iran someday.

I have a strong preference for black & white photography. I develop the film and print the photos in my darkroom.

"The Old Clock Shop”

Artistic Direction: Paula Cagli

Project Management: Alun Foster

Location Organiser (BWC): Kathleen Whalley-Cooper


Photographic printing by Labo Linea: