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Next season will start Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at 20:00

We are preparing a new agenda for next season. The first meeting will be 20 September, the rest of agenda will be announced shortly. Come back to this page regularly for updates.

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COLLECTIVE: Latest exhibition organized by the club. 

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“Collective” offers participants and visitors an opportunity to explore the full range of the photographic art and what it can mean in our society today. Each of the 38 artists – members of Viewfinders - chooses their own theme and style, yielding an extensive view of the photographic medium, from expressing an artistic intent to documenting the world around us. This showcase of the creativity and skill of the members highlights the beauty and power of photographs.


13 photographers bring you their personal view on something we all have too little of…

A photograph can capture a fleeting 1/100th of a second, recording our observable world for art or for posterity, nailing down an instant: all motion frozen, emotions seized to assure future joy. Or with skill, we can bend time to creative advantage, bringing new perspectives and motion to life within the confines of our image.

June 2023

In addition to holding the Annual General Meeting where we reviewed the current season’s activities, preview next season, and elect the new committee, we devoted part of the meeting to the presentation of member’s photos and photos from the “Portraits in the Park” photo project.

©Annette Boon
©Peter Löffler 
©Sylvina Calas
©Eric Espinoza
©Marko Saynekoski

May 2023

Richard gave an overview of photo noise, its relation to ISO, noise reduction software and the compromise between noise reduction and photo sharpness. Using a 12800 ISO RAW photo from Alun, Richard showed examples of noise reduction using Lightroom, Capture One Pro, and ON1 Photo RAW post processing software, and the Topaz, DxO and Dfine 2 (Nik) plugins.  You can find her Noise Reduction presentation in the Tutorials page.

Karina Robin, one of our club members, gave a presentation on Safari Wildlife Photography based on her personal experiences in various African countries. She showed her fabulous collection of safari photos of different animals using various techniques, including night and golden hour photos, high key photos and examples of panning. You can find her Safari Photography presentation in our Tutorials page.  Follow her on Instagram.

The meeting then turned to viewing and commenting on photos taken during a number of different visits and photo walks: Borgloon, Rossel-Le Soir, Brussels night photography and Tournai/Mouscron photo walks. 

© Karina Robins
© Karina Robins

April 2023

Alun gave an introduction to the upcoming “Portraits in the Park” photo project. This was followed by a short tutorial by Piotr on night photography.

The main event of the meeting was one of our two semi-annual Challenges, with the theme “Faceless Portraits”.  We had excellent participation, the attendees voted for their top three pictures.

1st Place © Philip Houtekier
 2nd Place © Marci Bayona
3rd Place © Karina Robins
3rd Place © Sabine Posdziech

March 2023

The start of the club meeting was preceded by an evening visit to our “Collective” exhibition at the GH Market. 

During the meeting, we viewed and commented on the images that members have submitted for the “Photo to Edit” project.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Eddy Verloes. Eddy is a multi-award-winning Belgian literary symbolic photographer, a visual storyteller. His atmospheric shots of interiors, landscapes, and urban life hover beautifully between realism and surrealism. Taking a spontaneous approach to the craft, Eddy captures the unexpected moments of the day. His studies of literature and philosophy fueled an inquisitive search for the mystical and the poetic. He shoots with his soul, not with the camera.

Eddy spoke about some of his last projects, specially Losing Our Minds (about ultra-orthodox Jews), Aardelingen (Earthlings) : project with Jef Neve in December 2022, and In Omzien : project with the psychiatric institution Alexianen. 

The meeting then turned to viewing and commenting on the wide range of edits submitted by 12 members on three images provided for the “Photo to Edit” project: architecture, island jungle and beach photos. During the viewing, Richard and Miguel Angel presented Alun with a certificate for being the best photo exhibition organizer this side of Betelguese.

© Eddy Verloes

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