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COLLECTIVE: New exhibition organized by the club. 

The exhibition is now closed, but you can take a virtual tour  !

Virtual 3D Tour

See here photos of the vernissage

“Collective” offers participants and visitors an opportunity to explore the full range of the photographic art and what it can mean in our society today. Each of the 38 artists – members of Viewfinders - chooses their own theme and style, yielding an extensive view of the photographic medium, from expressing an artistic intent to documenting the world around us. This showcase of the creativity and skill of the members highlights the beauty and power of photographs.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, 19 April 2023 at 20:00

Come join us at our next Viewfinders club meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Swedish church and will also be streamed live via Zoom. 

The main event of the evening will be our challenge with the theme "Faceless Portraits". Details to participate have been sent to all club members.

Looking forward to seeing you at the club meeting.

Richard Sylvester

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March 2023

Prior to the start of the meeting, a few of us gather at the nearby Viewfinders Collective Exhibition at GH Market, av Georges Henri 490, 1200 WSL.

During the meeting, we viewed and commented on the images that members have submitted for the “Photo to Edit” project.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Eddy Verloes. Eddy is a multi-award-winning Belgian literary symbolic photographer, a visual storyteller. His atmospheric shots of interiors, landscapes, and urban life hover beautifully between realism and surrealism. Taking a spontaneous approach to the craft, Eddy captures the unexpected moments of the day. His studies of literature and philosophy fueled an inquisitive search for the mystical and the poetic. He shoots with his soul, not with the camera.

Eddy spoke about some of his last projects, specially Losing Our Minds (about ultra-orthodox Jews), Aardelingen (Earthlings) : project with Jef Neve in December 2022, and In Omzien : project with the psychiatric institution Alexianen.

For more information about Eddy, his work and his long list of awards, see his website at

© Eddy Verloes

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