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Next meeting will be Wednesday, 13 March 2024 at 20:00

Come and join us at our Viewfinders club meeting. It will be held at the usual place.  The meeting will also be streamed live via Zoom, but only to paid-up members.

Our guest speaker will be Kathrine Maguire, from the Benelux Chapter of the UK Royal Photographic Society (RPS). She has an Associate Distinction from the RPS and is currently the editor of the Benelux Chapter’s eJournal.

Originally from Glasgow, the majority of her photos have been taken in Amsterdam, which has been her home for the last 10 years. Her main interests include landscape, architecture, night and still life photography. Her vision being permanently blurred by a rare disease which results in a loss of vision and a shallow depth of field, she will give us a glimpse into the world of the restricted vision of individuals with damaged retinas. She will discuss why she started a photo project about her illness some 6 years ago, show a number of related images from her ARPS panel and describe how she went about creating them. She will then move on to present her current self-portrait photo project, why she started it, show some examples and explain how she creates them.

For more information about Katherine and her work, check these links here, then here and also here.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the club meeting on 13 March.

Richard Sylvester, Secretary

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Viewfinders was featured on BRUZZ TV !!

You can view the original article in BRUZZ TV here.

“Minimal photography”, like painting and music from the shared artistic movement of the 1950s and 60s, seeks to show essential subjects, principles or processes by removing unnecessary distraction from the message to let that one primary motif shine through.

Even while the photographic frame is a very limited fragment of the world, we can limit it even further by deliberately choosing to show less. When it is less, when it is nothing more than that one subject or notion, then the message of the photograph can be crystal clear. No distractions, no confusions, no other elements that might distort the message – just one notion, presented there as a constant feature for us to contemplate and enjoy.

Sixteen photographers from Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels, collectively present their vision on minimal photography.

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Recent News

Viewfinders featured on Bruzz TV. Link in the Home page.

We have published the Viewfinders edition number 301. See it here.

Photowalk to Brussels Bright Festival was organized on Friday 15 Feb.

Worshop on ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) by Charlotte Bellamy coming on April. Details to register sent by email.

Exhibition "Minimal" at BWC held from 14 January until February 9.

New photo albums from recent Projects and Challenges have been added on the website.

We have published the Viewfinders edition number 300. See it here.

February 2024

Miguel Angel who spoke to us about Aspect Ratios, the relation between an image’s width and height. Miguel Angel then provided some thoughts about the creative rationale for using different aspect ratios in various scenarios. To conclude, he led a very interesting interactive discussion concerning the choice of different aspect ratios and the composition of a selection of his photos.

The main event of the evening was the viewing of photos that were provided members for the long exposure project. A wide variety of visually stunning images were presented in different settings: architecture and cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes, nature, and interiors. The nightscapes, which featured a variety of lights and colours, different compositional points of view, areas of sharpness and blur, were impressive, but it was the light trails from trams and light painting art that were especially eye catching.

Richard Sylvester

© Joaquim Capitao
© Adrian Cornwell

January 2024

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate so the meeting was entirely held online via Zoom with Alun welcoming the 40 some attendees to our first meeting of 2024.

Adrian presented a tutorial on shooting smoke, or why “Smoking is Good for You”.  A copy of his presentations is available here, and in the Tutorials page.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Jess Sutton. She was born in the UK and graduated in Contemporary Arts at Nottingham Trent University in 2004. During 2005-2006, she trained to be a teacher and taught Art for 5 years alongside developing her own work within the artistic community in Cambridge. She left the UK in 2011 and has lived and worked in Brussels ever since.

Based on her fascination with space, time and existence, her work takes form through video, painting, performance, photography, collage and installation. Glass and reflective surfaces remain a constant source of interest. Her recent works explore our deep need to connect with nature and it’s energy whilst living on a planet that we are simultaneously destroying.

She has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions, both in the UK and in Brussels.

December 2023

Erick introduced the Long Exposure Photo Project for which photos will be presented at the club meeting on 14 February 2024. He explained its interest and how it can be applied to landscapes, urban motion, night photography and lightning and storms, as well as discussing the optimal camera settings for long exposure and the equipment required. A copy of his presentation is available here and in the Tutorials page.

The main event of the evening was one of our semi-annual Challenges, this time on the subject of “Humour”. After the Christmas party that was held during the break, and before announcing the winners, Alun and Miguel Angel led a review and lively discussion of the images. Humour is not always evident in the images as everyone’s perception of humour is different, with humour meaning different things to different people.

Honorable mentions went to Martin for his photo of a “closed door” and to Alan for his “drinkable toilet water”. Third place went to Karina, second place to Adrian, and first place to Moncho. You can see all participating images here.

©Peter Löffler 
© Moncho Aldamiz
© Adrian Cornwell
© Karina Robin

COLLECTIVE: Largest exhibition organized by the club. 

 Visit the exhibition's page for more information and

Take a 3D virtual tour  !

“Collective” offers participants and visitors an opportunity to explore the full range of the photographic art and what it can mean in our society today. Each of the 38 artists – members of Viewfinders - chooses their own theme and style, yielding an extensive view of the photographic medium, from expressing an artistic intent to documenting the world around us. This showcase of the creativity and skill of the members highlights the beauty and power of photographs.


13 photographers bring you their personal view on something we all have too little of…

A photograph can capture a fleeting 1/100th of a second, recording our observable world for art or for posterity, nailing down an instant: all motion frozen, emotions seized to assure future joy. Or with skill, we can bend time to creative advantage, bringing new perspectives and motion to life within the confines of our image.

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