Post-processing exercise

 Here are the original photographs that serve as the basis for this exercise. 

The idea is that you can use whatever digital image processing software or technique, to re-interpret the images into something “new” that is more pleasing to you, or better expresses something you see in the image.

 The book is completely open on this. Use whatever image editing technique you can to make a new interpretation of the source image. This may be slight re-adjustment of exposure, contrast and/or color, this might be more drastic cropping. Monochrome? Fine! Go for it!! (We may cringe a bit if we come across the simple application of a favorite “one-click plug-in” without further thought, though).

You may submit two processed images: either one processed image of each of the two source images, or two interpretations of the same source. 

Images are provided in both JPEG and TIFF format.  Choose the format you are more comfortable working with. However, the results must be uploaded and presented in JPEG.  

Images received will be presented in the club meeting  on 15 May. You will have an opportunity to explain your approach.

Download the source images from the links below each image:

Download Image 1 in JPEG - by Richard Sylvester

Download Image 1 in TIFF (85MB) - by Richard Sylvester

Download Image 2 in JPEG - by Erick Espinoza

Download Image 2 in TIFF  (109MB) - by Erick Espinoza

Pleaser register with the committee by 8 May if you wish to present your images (reply to the email you received). 

Deadline to upload images is end of day Sunday, 12 May 2024

You can upload your re-worked JPEG images using the member’s “uploader” :

Please note: only members of the club will be able to submit and present images. 

A note on copyright: Though the finishing of the image is in your hands, the copyright on the image and all derivatives are retained by the original author and should not be published outside of the club.


Here is a montage with the results from a previous session: