Guided Tour Charleroi Photo Museum

January 6th 2024, 14:00

Following the consultation to Viewfinders’ members about interest and availability on 4 possible dates, and after checking the availability of an English-speaking guide, we have now settled on the afternoon of 6 January 2024 for our guided tour of the Charleroi photography museum.


Please fill in the form here if you intend to participate in this guided visit, and transfer the preliminary payment of €11 to the Viewfinders account, BE13 3101 2440 7539, before 31 December, so that we can confirm the number of participants with the museum and calculate the actual final cost per person. 

The guided tour will start at 14:00 and will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Meet at the entrance to the museum at 13:45 to allow time to get our entry tickets.


As indicated before, the cost of the guide is fixed and will be distributed equally among all participants, which means we will not have the precise figures until registration closes. However, on the basis of the number of people who expressed interest in participating, we expect the total cost (including the entrance ticket to the museum) at about 11€ per person.


We will visit the permanent collection of the museum and the ongoing temporary exhibitions. If you find that we do not spend enough time in one or the other exhibition, you are free to stay and visit the museum at your own pace once the guided visit ends. You can also access the excellent museum library.


Information about the current cycle of temporary exhibitions can be found in


Note that information on one of the temporary exhibitions, “Les missions photographiques sur Charleroi”, is not included in the English version of the web site (nor in the Dutch version), so information is in French in


The museum’s address is Av. Paul Pastur, 11, 6032 Mont-sur-Marchienne (it seems the GPS systems tend to find it better if you enter “Place des Essarts”. Parking is usually quite easy near the museum and we can help those who need find an available space in someone else’s car (see the sign-up form). Access by public transport is not impossible but quite slow.