Jardin Botanique Photo Walk

With April’s "Patterns in Nature” challenge approaching, a morning of observation is just what the judge ordered! Come join fellow members and take pictures of nature at the Botanique. 

The next Viewfinders photo walk will be held on Saturday morning, March 16th at 10:00am. We will wander through the Botanical Garden of Brussels also known as "Jardin Botanique”. The closest metro stops are Botanique and Rogier. 

Meeting Point will be inside the park, down the first set of stairs as you enter from Rue Royale 236, 1210 Bruxelles. 

Scroll down to the end of this page to see a detailed image :)

For info about parking, see further down this page.

Some background on the location:


Practical information:

FR:  https://gardens.brussels/fr/espaces-verts/jardin-botanique

NL:  https://gardens.brussels/nl/groene-ruimten/kruidtuin

Information about some of the plants in the park:

FR: https://sites.heritage.brussels/index.php?section_search=trees&street=s88&section=trees&lg=fr

NL: https://sites.heritage.brussels/index.php?section_search=trees&street=s88&section=trees&lg=NL

In PDF-French:


In brief, the gardens are structured in three main areas: 

The French-style formal garden, planted with flowering shrubs, is laid out in front of the cultural centre's greenhouses and orangery. The middle section, inspired by Italian designs, features a star-shaped rose garden and a flowerbed containing forty different species of iris. The third, lower section of the park is designed in the style of an English landscape garden, with winding pathways, ornamental lakes and shrub-lined lawns.

At some point you may decide to wander around at your own pace, looking for a particular location that draws your interest. What accessories you decide to bring is entirely up to you. When in urban settings, remember to be more mindful of your own belongings. 

After our morning walk we will eat at a nearby (easy walk) Turkish pizzeria, Metin Pide.  Please let us know if you will join for just the walk or the walk plus pizza. 

Menu: https://metinpide.be

Address of the restaurant: Chau. de Haecht 94, 1030 Brussels 

Please register preferably by Wednesday March 13. 

This is for paid-up members, but you can bring a companion. Please indicate that in the form, specially if you will be joining for lunch.

A few days before the walk, an email reminder with final details will be sent to those that registered.  

This walk is coordinated by Kathy and Miguel Angel. 

(Photos by Miguel Angel Vilar)

Parking info

Street parking. Parking in the area is paid from 9:00 to 21:00 Mon-Sat. Approximate prices are 1.8€ (1h) - 5.3€ (2h). If you park a bit further, in the financial district, Blvd de Roi Albert II, Chaussee d-Anvers, prices are 1€(1h) - 3€(2h).

Tip: visit this website https://map.seety.co/?lang=en/ for color coded parking indications and private parking options with the prices.(Or install its Seety app in your smartphone). It's designed to pay for parking online, but it helps you see where you can park and approximate costs, regardless of whether you want to use it to pay or not. 

Disclaimer - there are probably other apps and methods, this is my personal suggestion with no guarantees, but I've been using it for a few years now. Prices may or may not match accurately what you may find on location out in the street (they may be adding a small % service fee), but are a fair indication of what to expect.

Meeting Point will be inside the park, down the first set of stairs as you enter from Rue Royale 236, 1210 Bruxelles. See image.