“Âamet et Marolles” – Brussels street photography. An exhibition by Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels

We are “Viewfinders”. We do photography. We come from nearby; we come far away. We speak English as a lingua franca, though our hearts beat to the rhythm of Brusseleir, as any Ketje’s does. We made this exhibition because we love Brussels. Extending our theme “Bruxelles, ma belle. Ik zien a geire…”, it is an intimate portrait of the Old Market (“Aâmet”), the historic Marolles district and Brussels streets more generally, where the vibrant wonders of Brussels past and present make an intense fabric for daily life.

The exhibition was opened for the first time at “La Clef d’Or” café, looking out over the famous Brussels flea-market. Closer to the beating heart of the city it is simply not possible to get! Now, for you, we are proud to show our work for the British and Commonwealth Women’s Club. From January 8th to 31st.

VERNISSAGE: Tuesday January 9th from 18:00 to 20:00

(image © Felicity Handford)