Assignment vs Challenge

Viewfinders Challenges and Assignments: What is the Difference?


The main objective of our yearly Assignment is to stretch our boundaries and get people to work outside of their comfort zone, doing something new and different from what they might normally do.

In an Assignment, you have a specific task, which is usually to take photos to illustrate a given theme. For example, this might be to take photos to advertise Brussels transport, to populate a tourist brochure, to accompany an article in a newspaper, or to document an event. It might also involve a specific type of photography, for example black and white, or back lighting.

During a club meeting, members may present up to 5 images each and provide information about each image. This will allow adequate time to get feedback on the images and to get the discussion going.

It is expected that people take photos specifically for the Assignment and not dig something out of their archives that fits the theme.

Unlike a Challenge, it is not a competition and there are no judges or prizes, just a lively discussion of the images by members present at the meeting. It is meant to be fun and to enjoy the work of fellow club members.


Our twice-yearly Challenges provide an opportunity for members to compete against each other for prizes. They are based on a specific topic, for example the number “5”, the color “Blue”, reflections, emotions, etc.

Entries should have been taken specifically for the Challenge, or at least within the last 24 months, and may not have been previously included in another Viewfinder’s activity (challenge, assignment or exhibition). The submission of new photos taken specifically for the Challenge is encouraged rather than going back to your photo archives.

Members may submit a maximum of two images (two projected images, two prints, or one projected image and one print) related to the Challenge theme.

Members do not present their images during the meeting. The images are anonymized, with the digital images being incorporated into a slideshow. The images are reviewed by an external judge who provides, time permitting, comments on each image.

Prizes are awarded for the Best Overall Image, Best Projected Image (not the best overall), and Best Print (not the best overall). Club members present at the meeting also choose an image as the People’s Choice.

Although only a few members will leave with a prize, this is an excellent opportunity to put our skills and creativity to the test and to seek recognition from our fellow members. Judges usually provide their own personal analysis of each submission and explain their process of selection, proving to be an enjoyable learning experience for both participants and all attendees.

Submission of Images

Guidelines will be provided for the submission of images for all Assignments and Challenges. Members should adhere to the guidelines in order to get the best results.

As a general rule, digital images should be uploaded no later than the Sunday evening prior to the Wednesday club meeting. For best projection results, they should be re-sized (while keeping their original “aspect ratio” = width:height ratio) to 1400 pixels wide minimum (for landscape format images) or 1050 pixels minimum high (for portrait format images or any format with an aspect ratio less than 4 units wide by 3 units high). The file should ideally be no greater than 6 MB in size for ease of handling.

Prints are to be submitted in an envelope with the member's name on the outside before 7:50 pm on the night of the Challenge meeting. Late entries absolutely cannot be accepted.