Club Meetings

Viewfinders holds monthly meetings from September until June, normally on a mid-month Wednesday evening. Often, a guest speaker will be present (you can find links to the websites of some of our past speakers on the "Speakers" page). Short presentations on photographic technique, often by other club members, are also regular features. We organise two Photography Challenges (which are judged by an external guest and also by the members present at the meeting) and at least one photographic project per year, as well as many other "Members' Portfolio" evenings and other opportunities to show photographs throughout the year.

In this page you can see what activities have been organized in past meetings during the season 2020-2021 and recently.

Photo by Kathy Moran

September Meeting

For the first time since the start of the pandemic early last year, we were able to hold our meeting, the new season, at the Swedish church, accompanied by the live streaming of the meeting via Zoom. There were some 20 members present at the church with another 10 members attending via Zoom.

The main event of the evening was our external speaker, Damien Maguire, a professional photographer from the UK who has recently relocated to Namur. With over 25 years of experience, he is involved in many areas of commercial photography, specializing in architecture and interiors, products, portraits, and public relations. Damien presented and discussed 52 images from his Press Archive.

More information about Damien can be found on his website.

This was followed by Alun's presentation on White Balance. He focused on the colour temperatures of common light sources and their effect on the photos that we take. He then provided insights on adjusting white balance, both “in camera” and in “post processing”.

June Meeting: AGM and Portfolios

In addition to holding the Annual General Meeting where we reviewed the current season’s activities and preview next season, we devoted most of the meeting to the presentation of member’s photos from club members, where each of them are given 10 to 15 minutes each to present their images.

Martin Schmid had a presentation about setting up your own photo project.

May Meeting: Negative Space

During the meeting, members presented their images with the subject of Negative Space. Miguel Angel Vilar explained this concept and his application in photography during the January meeting. His presentation can be found in the Tutorials page.

Our guest speaker was Thomas Vanoost. Thomas is a Belgian artist using photography as his medium. He graduated in photography from a local fine arts school while also studying philosophy and sociology. In 2016, he decided to devote himself to photography after he became painfully conscious of the chaotic world we live in. The results are his series ‘visions of daily chaos’. Heavily influenced by his background in philosophy, his work questions our relationship to reality.

April Meeting

The main event of the evening was the showing of the images and the selection of the winners for the photos submitted to our second semi-annual Challenge, this time on the subject of “Texture”. Congratulations to all the winners !

This was preceded by a short tutorial by Philippe Clabots on “Enhancing Contrast and Dynamic Range”.

See below the winning images. To see all images that participated in the challenge, click here.

March Meeting

Our guest speaker was Simon Pugh, freelance photographer based in Maastricht and former club president. With the title "Street Life", Simon presented a series of his street and city photography.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to sharing the results to our post-processing exercise. Members were given a series of images to choose from and were invited to make their own interpretation through post-processing.

Check out here what members submitted in this and last year's post-processing exercises.

February Meeting

Robert Paridaens talked about the photographic career of the American film director, producer, screenwriter, and photographer, Stanley Kubrick.

The main event of the evening was the presentation of member’s photos for our Food Photography project. Bon appetite!

January Meeting

We just had our January meeting. Our guest speaker for the evening was Ben Beechey, a freelance commercial photographer currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Ben specializes in travel, documentary, event and portrait photography.

Ben spoke about life in Japan as seen through some of his personal projects and especially that related to the topic of Abandoned Places.

In the agenda as well, Miguel Angel presented the concept of "Negative Space", as it is the subject of one of our upcoming projects.

Philippe spoke about how to have our lenses (and photos) free of dust spots.

December meeting

The main event was the challenge with the theme INSIDE, with Simon Pugh, a photographer living in Maastricht and former member of the Club, as judge. The challenge proved to be very popular, with 23 members submitting a total of 42 images. The judge had his work cut out for him, as there were many different interpretations of “Inside”.

Besides selecting the winners, Simon provided very constructive analysis for a selection of images, which proved to be just as valuable for everyone.

Philippe Clabots had a short presentation on workflow to catalog and edit his photos. His presentation is available in the Tutorials page.

Our last Challenge : INSIDE

Our most recent challenge for club members was held during the month of December. All participating images were shown during the monthly meeting.

Former Viewfinders' president Simon Pugh took the difficult task to select the winners, but also provided us with a very insightful critiquing session on his top selections, which is just as rewarding for all of us.

The challenge theme has been (fairly obviously) inspired by the now multiple “lock downs” of varying degree, forcing us all to stay indoors. The results were quite impressive, representing space, emotions, humour, abstraction...

Judge's winner: Sebastian Boatca. 2nd place: Philippe Clabots, 3rd place: Hélène Cook

People's Choice: Miguel Angel Vilar

Visit the Challenges page for a slideshow with all participating images.

Food Photography

During the November online meeting, Hector Epelbaum presented the panel of images that recently earned him his Associate Distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

The main event of the evening was Food Photography. Joris Luyten, a Belgian photographer, will give us a step by step guide to food photography. This presentation served as an introduction to our February photo project on Food Photography where members will be able to show us their food photos.

We had a good number of submissions to our SURPRISE challenge. And even though only some can "walk away" with a prize, perhaps an honorable mention, having your own photos critiqued by professionals and by club members is for sure a positive experience. Sometimes you realize how one image can offer different interpretations in contrast with your own, be it from an emotional or a technical point of view.

Check all the images that participated here.