Breaking Ground

An Exhibition by Waterloo Uncovered and Viewfinders

Exploring the past for a brighter future

A photographic exhibition by Waterloo Uncovered veterans and members of Viewfinders photography club, of the 2019 archaeological dig on the site of the Battle of Waterloo

The exhibition, complemented by other images, is viewable as an ebook. Click here or on the thumbnail on the right...

The exhibition was held from November 3 to 23, 2019 at All Saints Church, Waterloo.


The story of this exhibition starts well before the idea itself. Felicity Handford, member of Viewfinders – the photography club of Brussels – was seen photographing the archaeological dig being done by “Waterloo Uncovered” at Waterloo. “Waterloo Uncovered” needed a photographer of suitable experience to document the finds at the site, and a match was quickly made.

With an experienced photographer on hand, the idea of bringing an additional dimension to the experience of the “Vets” (as the military veteran participants are fondly called) by letting them document their activities at the historic battlefield in Waterloo was but a short step. With some borrowed cameras of usable quality and with some guidance from a team of volunteer photographers from Viewfinders, the work was started.

This selection of the images taken by the “Vets”, expressing what this experience means for them, complemented by photographs by the Viewfinders volunteers takes us through the various steps of the archaeological work, and gives an impression of the deeper experiences of the photographers concerning this major historic event along the way. We hope you enjoy it!

About Viewfinders

We are Viewfinders - Photography Club of Brussels. An enthusiastic group of photographers with a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and photographic abilities and interests, using English as a common language. With about 100 members, Viewfinders membership is open to anyone with an interest in the photographic image.

About Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered is a registered UK charity that combines a world‐class archaeology project on the battlefield of Waterloo with a support program for veterans and the military community. Working in partnership with some of Europe’s top universities, and through the unique perspective of a team comprised of archaeologists, veterans, and serving soldiers, Waterloo Uncovered aims to understand war and its impact on people — and to educate the public about it.