250th Newsletter

To round off another successful year, and to celebrate the 250th issue of the newsletter In June, we would like to publish a portrait of Viewfinders.

That means a portrait of you, us, we, all of the members. Now, in 2018. Something that will help to break the ice at monthly meetings, and jog your memory as months and years pass.

Yes, we would like to include a photo of you in the newsletter. You with your camera, please - because we are a club for photographers, after all.

Beyond that, let your creative side out. Or just select a recent photo that you like. It doesn’t even have to have been taken by you, just taken of you, taken of just you. This isn’t a competition, just an opportunity.

Preferably not a passport photo, or a smart professional one from LinkedIn, or a group shot leaving the reader wondering which is you. So all those committee photos from page eight of the newsletter are out. It could be full-length, half of you, nearby or more distant. If you’re shy, make it more distant, soft-focus, or from behind even?

You, your camera and your name. What could be easier?

Upload it via the usual Google link here, or send straight to newsletter@viewfinders.be. Don’t forget your name! First name, full name, it’s your choice. By the 26 May, please, to give us time to get the layout worthy of the content.

Do it soon, while the sun is shining, or the mist is rising, or the moon is out. Whatever, but let’s do it...

The Newsletter Team

Q & A

Q: Could you tell me the form (portrait, landscape, square or free) and the number of pixels on the biggest side please?

A: JPG format, minimum 1400px on the longest side. The format is free.

Q: Does my camera have to be in the picture or is that optional?

A: We suggest that the camera could be in the picture, as we are photographers, but it doesn't have to be like that. This is only about the photographer. A camera is just one example, but you can take a more open approach, the main point being some kind of indication in the portrait that you are into photography.